Our Practice:

Our practice is centrally located here in the Treasure Valley, in Boise, and we currently have one Licensed Psychologist available to provide psychological services, counseling, therapy, and psychological testing: Ronald B. Tye, Psy.D.

We treat the following variety of problems and disorders: depression, anxiety, marital/family issues, postpartum depression, pornography addiction, oppositional defiant disorder, grief, military/civilian PTSD, battle stress, and pain related issues. (This is NOT an all-inclusive list.)

Our Philosophy:

In counseling, relating to another person is more important than technique. We understand that people want their thoughts and feelings heard, and their problems seen without judgment. Establishing an open, honest, and collaborative process to identify issues and goals is fundamental to a supportive environment. Depression, anxiety, betrayal, and emotional pain need voice and witness.

What is Therapy?

Most people are not sure what psychotherapy is, or whether they can benefit from any kind of psychological service.

In short, therapy is:

A common problem that people often face is focusing more on their weaknesses than on their strengths. Thus, many people become preoccupied with what is wrong and they become demoralized. This may lead to self-blame and feeling stuck.

One aspect of therapy is to refocus, or reawaken, your awareness of what you do well, and then to practice thoughts and behaviors that return oneself to this state.

Seeking Treatment:

Most people who seek psychological service/consultation want to know:

  • How serious are my problems/symptoms?
  • What caused my problems/symptoms?
  • Can I change for the better?

The severity of your problems:

Following the initial evaluation phase of treatment, we can help you identify precipitant or triggering events and factors that maintain your difficulties. Although individuals vary with regard to their willingness to work hard and change, almost everyone can improve their quality of life by resolving self-defeating problems, symptoms and behaviors.

Length Of Treatment

The length of treatment is variable.

  1. For many individuals, treatment can be limited to a fixed number of sessions. This type of treatment is often referred to as brief therapy or "time sensitive" therapy. Brief therapy usually ranges from 7 to 10 sessions.
  2. Although some individuals can benefit from brief therapy, others may require more visits to resolve identified problems. Thus, for some it may be counterproductive to place restrictive time limits on treatment.

In any case, you and your therapist will work together to identify treatment goals. In addition, you both will jointly, and continuously, evaluate your needs and progress on a regular basis, in order to have the most effective treatment.

You may also call our office at 208-672-8699 if you have any additional questions.