Currently, I have been providing Pre-Employment examinations for multiple law enforcement agencies. I utilize three psychological assessments that aid in assessing an individual’s psychological suitability for a position in the public safety/security field: (1) The Inwald Personality Inventory-2 (IPI-2). This instrument not only provides a psychologist’s recommendation but also a Field Training Officer’s recommendation that is based on data collected from actual FTO’s (Field Training Officers) recorded during the probationary police offer time period. (2) Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI). Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Public Safety Selection. (3) State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 (STAXI-2). Measuring the presence of the expression and control of anger as distinguished from the experience of angry feelings.

A completed Pre-Employment assessment typically consists of three single-spaced pages in length. At the end of the report I assign a letter grade (A, B, C, D) to the candidate as well as my recommendation for employment or not. This includes a one-hour structured interview. This is a standard format that I utilize with every law-enforcement agency that I serve. In a high volume hiring phase such as the Idaho State Police, this often aids the selection team as they evaluate each candidate. A Pre-Employment report typically takes a maximum of three to five working days to complete.

I also offer an FFDE (Fit For Duty Evaluation) to a number of federal, state, county and city law enforcement agencies. An FFDE may be triggered by a “fatal”, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), substance abuse or possible inappropriate decisions/actions by an officer. An FFDE may be considerably longer due to the collection of collateral data and contact with a command officer when required. The assessment instruments may also be different depending on referral objectives.